Café Lam: Where Coffee Meet Art

I drank my first Vietnamese coffee at café Lam when I arrived in Hanoi. The coffee shop is located on the outer edge of the old town and when we got there, the customers were spilling out on the sidewalk.  I grabbed two small plastic stools and sat between two parked scooters.

I ordered my first cold coffee with sweet milk and I started to feel an attraction to this beautiful coffee shop.  I ended up going there about four times before I left Hanoi.  Hanoi certainly doesn’t lack coffee shops, but Café Lam seem to be a favorite of the locals.

This coffee shop has a beautiful art collection spread on two floors. The staff is very amiable and there is a menu in English. I never saw a single tourist at the coffee shop on my numerous visits, it’s a spot for locals.

I learned to order ca phe sua da which is the cold version with milk and I also tried the black coffee which was strong and slightly sweet.

Cafe Lam made me wish I could live around the corner and since I came back from Vietnam, I have often day dreamed about drinking a nice Vietnamese coffee.  Might be a reason to go back to Vietnam after all…

91, Nguyễn Hữu Huân, Q.Hoàn Kiếm, Viêt Nam

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