Taiko yakiniku

Taiko is a heart stopper, one of these restaurant where you wonder if you will wake up alive the next day. Well, I did and let me tell you about my favourite yakiniku joint located in Soja city, just outside of Kurashiki.

For those of you who wonder what yakiniku is all about; it’s a delicious culinary import from Korea where table top BBQ is serious business. It has swept the nation to a point where most little kids believe  it’s  Japanese food.

Not long ago, I was enjoying myself in a nice onsen when my wife came out with a brilliant scheme:

-It’s early, we had a small lunch, if we leave now, we will get to Taiko at 16h30 and we won’t have to wait.

We did get there at 16h30 and guess what?  The restaurant was full!  We ended up waiting 10 min. for a table and in the meanwhile about 4 couples arrived.

There is a dark genius behind this popularity.  Taiko is relatively cheap, but the food and the service is top-notch.  Ok, it’s not Kobe beef, but let’s be honest, eat your Kobe beef in Kobe.   The meat is good, the sauce is really good and their bowl of rice are perfect for sumo wrestlers.

I ordered the biggest draught beer on the menu, beef tongue, spicy pork, beef and mix (liver, heart, pork and chicken).

They started serving us about 1 min. after we ordered, I told you, great service!

Before I left for Japan, I never imagined I would end up eating offals and insanely fatty pork and actually enjoying it to a point of craving it.

After paying respect to the whole beast, we left with the smell of yakiniku impregnated in our cloth.  The smell of yakiniku is quite particular and for me, it’s the smell of Japan.  It’s often the first food smell you can smell outside a train station.  

Taiko is not an easy place to get to, I am sure there are great places like Taiko all over Japan.  Don’t hesitate to share with me your yakiniku secret.

Click here for a map of Taiko


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